Celebrating 80 Years of Inspiration

On the 8th July we joyfully commemorate the 80th birthday of our esteemed co-founder Roswitha Badouva!
It's an extraordinary milestone that fills our hearts with gratitude and admiration for her incredible journey.
Despite being part of the 'Silent Generation', she never remained silent! She embarked on this remarkable venture several decades ago, fueled by a vision that has transformed our organization into what it is today. Born in Tirol-Austria, Roswitha got married to Kostas Badouvas in 1969. As a licensed tour guide fluent in multiple languages, she shared her passion for Crete and its culture with visitors for 37 years. Alongside her family and work responsibilities, she served as an honorary consul of Austria, Switzerland & Liechtenstein, authored a tourist guide on Crete and conducted an analysis on the Pax Minoica.

To honor this momentous occasion, we threw a surprise party that exceeded all expectations! The celebration was graced by the presence of employees from all our companies.
The atmosphere was filled with laughter, warmth, and heartfelt stories as we shared our appreciation for the profound impact Mrs. Roswitha has had on each of us personally and professionally.

We're incredibly grateful for Roswitha's visionary leadership and unwavering commitment, and we pledge to carry forward her legacy as we continue to grow, innovate, and inspire.