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Photo Contest

Click a photo and win the prize

  • Take a great photos and post it on our facebook-page www.facebook.com/cretanholidays.gr
  • Get as much "like" as you can and win.
  • The winner is the photo with the most "likes".
  • At the end of the season (30.11.2014) the winner will receive one week stay on Crete for 2 persons in a 4 star hotel, all inclusive.
  • The photo with the most "likes" during the whole season will be our season winner.
General Rules for the contest
Contest Instructions
There can be only participated in the competition, in connection with a reservation of a tour which is offered by Cretan Holidays.
(1) The General Conditions apply for participation in the contest which is organized by Cretan Holidays SA. 
(2) By participating in the contest, that Cretan Holidays SA organized, the participant accepts the below Official Rules. 
(1) Participation is open to all persons who have reached the age of 18. 
(2) Excluded from participation are employees of Cretan Holidays SA, employees of subsidiaries and partners of the respective contests and all persons who are engaged in the implementation of the respective contest. The same applies to first and second degree relatives of such persons and their partners in a marriage relationship 
(3) Participation in the competition is bound to at least one book of Cretan Holidays SA conducted excursion. 
(4) For each excursion booked the competitor may join with 5 photos maximum. 
(1) The draw of the season winner will be held on 30.11.2014. 
(2) Since it is at winning a prize (for the season's winner), this cannot be paid in cash. 
(3) The prize is not transferable to third parties. 
(5) The gain is void if non-availability of the winner, in absence of feedback of the winner or non-acceptance of the prize by the winner. The flow of prize is after 21 days from the first publication of the winner by Cretan Holidays SA 
(1) It is prohibited to upload lewd or pornographic photos. 
(2) The photos need to be annotated with the respective titles of the trip, place and date. 
Exclusion of participants 
(1) S. A. Cretan Holidays reserves the right to exclude participants from participating in the contest. This is especially true in culpable violation of the general conditions of participation or if participants manipulate the participation process or the game or try to manipulate. 
(2) Uploaded lewd or pornographic photos are immediately deleted. The sender will immediately be suspended from participating in the lottery. 
Publication of names 
(1) S. A. Cretan Holidays must enter the name of the winner on the website of Cretan Holidays (www.cretanholidays.gr) or subsidiaries known, unless the winner expressly contradicts a publication. 
(2) S. A. Cretan Holidays must enter the name of the winner announced on Facebook pages. 
Further use of the photos 
(1) Each participant agrees to Cretan Holidays SA and subsidiaries or partners of the wider commercial use of photos uploaded. 
Termination of the contest 
(1) S. A. Cretan Holidays reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time or to exit. This applies in particular to force majeure or if the competition from other organizational, technical or legal reasons cannot be carried out or continued. The participants are in such a case no claim against Cretan Holidays SA. 
Change in the conditions of participation 
(1) S. A. Cretan Holidays reserves the right at any time to change the terms and conditions. 

Contest Provider, Cretan Holidays S. A. 
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